Achieving the Goal You Set For Yourself


Here’s a short and simple list that will serve as a guide to achieving a goal you set for yourself:

What is the goal? Establishing your goal fixes your mind to your destination. In your map, this is the other end of your journey.

Here’s an example of a goal for one aspiring writer like me.
Publishing your first book might be a little project, but worthy of achieving. Not too many people were able to write their own book, right? The desire to write a book and get published is indeed a noble goal. With the popularity of Amazon Kindle, you can publish your book at a very minimal cost. So this goal is realistic and achievable.

Why do you want to achieve this goal? Having a purpose or a reason of achieving the goal is necessary. If your reason is strong enough, you will have the motivation to get started and keep right on track until you reach your goal. The purpose is more important than the object.

An example of purpose in publishing your first book might be to share an idea or get yourself known to more people.

When are you going to accomplish it? Goals are dreams with deadline. So it’s necessary to have a deadline when you are going to achieve this goal.  A month or two, for example, is a good duration you can set. Make sure that the duration is realistic. Concentration to your goal should be given of high importance during this span of time.

How are you going to achieve it? What separates you and your goal is action. You have to make a plan of action. Make a list of activities to do and people you should meet to get your goal. You need to know what you should become to achieve that goal. This is what is called the price; how much are you willing to pay in exchange to the attainment of the goal.

For example, to publish your own book you have to learn how to write a book. You give time for it to make your research by reading books, articles and other things.

Where are you? Result is the name of the game. This is one of the best things that make a person happy in pursuit of his goals.  Seeing good results on his efforts, even the smallest details, gives a man the satisfaction to fuel forward to achieve the goal he set for himself.

You have to monitor your results as you go along. You should reflect at the end of the week to check if you are moving forward in your pursuit of your goal. Break your goal in to smaller activities so that you can easily see what’s supposed to be done. Small achievements bring joy and satisfaction, no matter how small they are. No results, no joy.

An important note to remember is that you should not adjust your goal or the time you set in achieving it.  You have to adjust your pace or your action instead.

Celebrate. If you achieve your goal, celebrate! If it’s a major goal, celebrate big with your family and friends. If it’s a minor goal, celebrate yourself by offering yourself a small gift like an agenda or a pen. You can also celebrate with your partner or your family if your achievement is very important to the family. Enjoy and savor the new success you attained. Most of all, be grateful.

Make ready for another goal. After achieving your goal, you should have next goals ready to work for. Start a bigger and greater project than your previous project. Rinse and repeat. The more success in achieving your set goals, the better and wiser you become. Experience is the best way to learn.

Teach, Share and Pay it forward. This is one of the noble things you can contribute to the society. One person maybe struggling with the same problem you were able to achieve, you can teach share him or her how you did it. You are paying forward what you have learned.

Following this simple outline, you will be able to achieve a better life. Keep growing, keep chasing your dreams.

Here’s to our success!

Jun Pasion

Achieving the Goal You Set For Yourself

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