Become Millionaire – Preparing For The Next Goal

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An amount of P153,091.10 was paid as additional fund to my investment account on May 8, 2017. The market value as of that date is P974,603.08. That’s P25,396.92 short to the goal of P1M. The increase of Philippine Stock Exchange Index helped with the increase.

The result gives me a great confidence that by July or August, the fund will reach the goal of one million pesos. That’s more or less two years to hit the goal.

Planning ahead for the next goal

Hitting the goal is not the final destination. As I am still at the accumulating phase of my investment fund, I will prepare and make a plan for the next goal.

If I was able to save P1M in two years, I can save the same amount in one year. How? I will simply double my efforts so that in shorter time, I will attain that same amount.

It is my firm decision to achieve P1M in one year!

Learn before you earn

Keep learning is very vital. So if you are also aiming to earn and save your first million peso, join me in Unity Network training community. You can access their entry-level product called Ascending Profit System for P2,990 one-time membership fee. Please note that I will earn commission if you will join using my referral link.

If you join me in Unity Network, I will mentor you to reach your goal. I will guide to build your online business and become a successful Online/Internet Marketer. We will learn together how you can work your way to become a millionaire!

Here’s to your success in achieving your first million goal!

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Article: Become Millionaire – Preparing For The Next Goal

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