Book Review – Keep Hustling: The Story of Success, Money, and Relationships

Author: J.D. Reuel

Rating: [usr 5 size=20] Stars

A great book to read!

I finished reading the book and I love it.

It’s a short read but it contains a lot of ideas how to attain success, gain wealth and abundance, and being able to enjoy those blessing with your inner circle. I am looking forward to reading more books from J.D. Reuel.

I highly recommend to others who are starting out with their careers or their own business.

Rating: [usr 5 size=20] Stars

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Book Description from the Author

The story of success, money, and relationships occurs in five acts that follows the journey from laying the foundation and setting the stage of success all the way to reaching the peak. J. D. Reuel details the journey down in this short monograph what to expect in the journey ahead for those seeking greatness.

The book talks about preparation (“Setting the Stage”), taking the first step (“A Journey of a Thousand Miles”), dealing with failure (“Why Do We Fall?”), keeping success (“Head in the Clouds”), and brings the previous four chapters together in the final act: “Living in Abundance”.

There are many similarities between achieving success in terms of wealth and within relationships. J. D. draws upon his personal experiences, people he has met and talked to, and from the books he has read and put them into this monograph.

Keep Hustling aims to encourage the reader to, well, keep hustling. Success rarely comes easily and it takes a certain type of person to push through to the end.

Buy Keep Hustling: The Story of Success, Money, and Relationships on Amazon NOW!

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