Building a Mailing List Using Incentives


Money is in the List

“Money is in the list!” This is a common phrase we hear from internet marketers. As an authority publisher, I can’t help but to create an email list and build my subscribers.

Before I go further, let me clarify at once. My purpose of collecting email accounts is to use for providing quality contents that will be helpful to the interested subscribers.
I would also like to establish connections and relationships with my subscribers. There is also an option for the subscribers to remove them from the list if they are not interested to receive anymore the contents that I provide.

In this article, I’ll list the things in a form of giveaways and incentives that I can offer turn my sign up form into a subscriber magnet.

An incentive is a free gift that you will offer to people in exchange for their email address. Seeing you as an authority on the subject, they will be willing to provide you’re their consent to be included in your list to receive your emails.

How to choose the right incentive

The incentive you provide should be useful, don’t give something away just for the sake of giving away something. For example, if you sell physical products, your incentive could be discount coupon for their next purchase. If you are a content provider about personal finance, you could provide an email course about tips on how to save money from shopping.

You get the idea. With incentives, you’re giving away something valuable for free in exchange for their email.

Aside from email course, here are two other ideas for incentives that I am planning to give away:

  • A PDF or ebook format of my most popular blog posts
  • A step-by-step or how-to guide

How to create your incentive

Here’s a great example. I created an incentive using contents I already have. The incentive for my first campaign was that I offered free samples of my book “On The Way To Financial Recovery”. Before enrolling to KDP Select, I decided to make it free.

In the next incentive that I am planning, I will select five great posts and create an email course. I will spread those posts in to series of emails and send them one at a time. I then have another free incentive to give away.

I don’t have to provide 10,000 words ebook, even a short collection of tips as long as I think they are useful to others. It doesn’t need to be a genius to create an idea!

Now that there’s an incentive to give away, create a page for the offer in my website and share it to social media!

At the time of this writing, I now have a handful of subscribers from my campaign. From these subscribers, I was able to ask for comments and feedback that I can include in the book.

After the end to the campaign, I will update you the result of this very first campaign.

Until then!

Jun Pasion

Building a Mailing List Using Incentives

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