Cleaning Up The Mind To Prepare For Financial Recovery

Before I can do something about my financial recovery, I know there is something that I have to do – that is to clear up my mind from anything that’s stopping me to do go works. I will share here…


The failures and mistakes we made served us in two ways: a lesson to move forward or a burden to stop us.  It would be wise to use the past experiences as our reasons to go forward; not a club to beat us.  I have to accept my current situation, and from here, I will start to move forward.  I should not complain or question why the situation is very bad. I should be thankful instead and change my perspective towards it.

I should stop thinking of self-inferiority like what I don’t have, that I am not intelligent, that I am not tall and attractive, and other things. I should concentrate on my strengths and on the things I have. I have to forgive myself from my errors of the past, give a pat on my shoulder and say, let’s move on!


Granting that I am in this current situation because somebody shared me an opportunity but went out bad, doesn’t mean that I am not responsible of the result.  I have given my consent and approval without analyzing and studying further what I am investing about.  I should not hold on to that other person accountable for my current situation.  Instead, I will forget and forgive that person unconditionally and I will pray for his/her peace, prosperity and happiness.

There are some instances, where I extended loans and turned out to be unrecoverable.  I hold on to what the Bible says about sowing and reaping – that what you sow, you shall reap.  If you sow wind, you will reap whirlwind.  Still I bless him that he may prosper, for a reason that if he does prosper, he would be able to pay back his loans.  But of course, that is what I called faith against faith.

Let the past be a part of the learning process.  And now that I have freed myself from these burdens, I can concentrate moving forward with ease on my heart and mind.


Having a healthy body is a part of the financial recovery process and it is required to accomplish my goal so I would have the energy to tackle the everyday hustles.

The Bible says that the “spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Even though you have a desire to do something but your body cannot work due to any illness and weaknesses, thing will not be done at its best. If I have a healthy body, whatever my mind and spirit will to do, the body has the capacity to execute the task as commanded.

It’s not necessarily that you have a body that is like of a sports figure, it just have to be healthy and strong–just enough to accomplish your tasks of the day.  You may include simple activities to improve your strong physique: park your car a few blocks away and do the walking; climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator; and other simple activities.  During the weekend, you can jog around the park.


I have to make sure that I have a good insurance coverage.  If death come upon me during my financial recovery, my family should be free from the burden of paying any debts.  These debts should be paid in full in case I die.  There should be coverage as well on any expenses that shall incur.  Also, the insurance shall pay my family of modest amount of money for them to start with.

As the Bible says “Let the dead bury their own dead”, I will make sure that can be done, when death calls me.

Once I can prepare these things, I can proceed to the plan, ready to tackle the hustle ahead.


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