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family-selfieNow you have a pretty neat website. The problem is that nobody is visiting it. How frustrating it would be after writing the contents but nobody is reading except you. That is good if your website serves as your diary. But since it is not, no visits means no business. But then, don’t complain about not having traffic to your website. There must be a problem in how you try to bring them to your website. There must be something to be done.

I’ve been thinking about this idea to build my mailing list. Then after reading the book of Big Al, his technique edifies my idea. Now I just have to copy and improve it.

I live in a place where the very famous landmark is standing tall – the Eiffel Tower. Tourists are everywhere doing selfies. But most of the time, especially families, it is difficult for them to capture the best picture. So to drive traffic to my website and build my mailing list at the same time, I have to try the below suggestion from Big Al:

  1. Bring my camera and offer to take the picture of a tourist family.
  2. Tell them that I would be glad to email the picture to them.
  3. Email the picture to them with a short message and a signature at the end of the message that would compel them to visit my website.

Now here are some sample teaser message on my email signature that I should use as suggested:

  • Do you remember what I look like? Click here to see my picture.
  • Click here to see my before and after picture. What do you think?
  • Click here to see a picture of what I really do.
  • Click here to see how much weight I lost this month.
  • Click here to see a picture of my dog biting my …
  • Click here to learn why I turned out how my mother predicted.

Building my email list with instant prospects, instant web traffic at almost zero cost. This is easier than approaching strangers on their vacation and asking them, “Do you want to earn some extra money?”

Now I have to create a portfolio website. Inform them by email to visit my website to see their photo(s) and submit a request. I will then send their photo(s) by email. I have to make sure that my website  is ready for the influx of vacationers who will be dropping by.

We’ll see the result how this will help my website gain traffic.

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