Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make

With Facebook Marketing, it’s really like a marriage, not a one-night stand. You really have to go for the long haul. Don’t take it like a one-hit “campaign”.  You have to go to a long-term relationship with your followers.Social Media Marketing is here to stay, and it’s on Facebook where more than a billion people go to socialize. On Facebook, you can easily target people for your business. And choosing Facebook, it’s a new way of life, a new way of doing businesses.  Sticking to it and continue to improving your marketing techniques, the more you can be on the leading edge with social technologies and engagement practices.  Your business will be strong.

Let us see some Facebook Marketing Mistakes that most small businesses make and try to avoid them with our Social Media Marketing.


Many businesses set up their Facebook page and then forget and abandon it.  The reason is that they did not make a long-term commitment, or they may not have dedicated any resources to properly manage their business page.  They may say that they are already too occupied on the daily task on running their business, why add more time to manage the page.

If you just set up a profile and your last update was many months ago, and if that’s the only place people are finding you online, you’re not sending the right message.

Have a good look at your Facebook page and make sure you haven’t made the “set up and forget” mistake. Update the profile images, branding, bios and posts where needed


You may not be with the “set up and forget” mistake, but the problem is that you are posting updates too little.  Your fans and followers will forget about your page because you are not posting updates.  They may not even remember they did Liked your page if they are not seeing any updates coming from your page.

Ensure you have a content strategy where posts are going out on a daily basis. Even one Facebook post per day can be sufficient. With Post Planner, or even with the Schedule feature of Facebook page, you can setup some posts in advance for a week that will feed your page one post a day.  You can also assign one or two persons who will be managing your Facebook page, or outsource the service.


If too little is bad, posting too much can be a trouble as well.  An example of this is with the capability to bring the Tweets into Facebook automatically.  Or maybe they are posting on the business page like a live feed of an event, updating every minute.

Facebook fans hide content from pages from their news feed if the page is posting too often.

Although Facebook allows posts to be scheduled, I prefer using the free Post Planner because they are great tool as sources of viral and high quality content to share to your followers.

Try to find your best time for posting frequency. Stick on the quality of the posts.  For me, I go for 3 to 5 posts a day on the page.  Check the response rate you get from your fans and followers and adjust accordingly. Check the Insights regularly for ongoing feedback.


Facebook is a social site where you can easily target audience for your Facebook Page.  This is a great place to get your leads for your products or services.  So many people and businesses are not capitalizing on these possibilities.  It’s critical that you gather all your efforts to bring your followers to your system.

Running a Facebook ad will help your Page followers to grow.  With your ads, you can target specific demographics, gender, age and other things.  Spending a little amount to run with your offers or contests will draw people to your page.  You have to be strategic about bringing people into your Facebook page. Ensure that you posts updates with specific calls to action that drives traffic to exactly where you want. There is more than just Likes on your Facebook page, and it’s a lot easier to bring them further to your funnel once they are already inside your property.


So many people and businesses are not capturing leads for their mailing list.  As I have said, Facebook is a social site, it is not a place for your sales pitch, there is too much of a distraction.  In contrast, if you send them email regarding your offers, chances are, you can get their attention and may be able to respond to your call to action.

I prefer using AWeber for my mailing list.  With AWeber, you can create an auto-responder or campaign that will send scheduled emails. With your mailing list, you can drive the social media traffic back to your sites and sales page for their offer of products and services.  It’s critical that you gather all your efforts to bring your followers to your system.


So many small to medium business running Facebook Pages do not use Apps for Customized tabs.

Customized tabs can be used for additional info that you would like to put regarding your business.  You can use these Customized Tabs as Welcome tab, Like or Fan Gates where people can only access the tab if they like your Fan Page.  You can also use Customized tab to run Contests on your Fan Page.  This is where my service for Page Customization comes in.  I provide customized tabs that will allow you to put Welcome tab, Like Gates and Competition page.  You can also build your Mailing List using our page customization.


Businesses are losing money all the time by not properly promoting offers, products, specials, campaigns, even giveaways for lead generation.  There are businesses running competitions and prizes that are not in relation to their products or services, for example of offering iPads even their business is restaurants! Why not offer discounts for a dinner for two instead?

If you have your promotions, you should offer something that is related to your business that you are promoting.


Many studies show how brands are ignoring about half their social media comments. But, when people get a reply, as many as 80% of them go on to make a purchase decision as a result of the interaction. It’s amazing that how many brands and small and medium-sized businesses are leaving so much money on the table because they’re neglecting to reply.

Implement an engagement strategy! As suggested, you need to assign or hire one or two person who will be responsible to ensure that any questions or queries are answered.  This maybe a half-an-hour task to make sure you’re replying to as many posts/comments as possible. It can take time to build up trust with your fans and followers. But, once they see you are a reliable source of great information and that you respond to your community, you will gain loyal customers for your business!


Every day, customers and prospects (and competitors) might be talking about you, your brand your products and services. These could be glowing reviews, or downright negative posts. Acknowledge and thank reviewers and write-ups, and handle negative posts if it makes sense to do so. (If someone is just ranting/trolling, it may not make sense to get involved and draw attention to this person/blog).

Use the negative comments to your advantage.  Strive for quality service using these negative feedbacks.


Social Media Marketing is more on creating relations to your followers.  Maximize your effort to reach them out through your Facebook page, website and mailing list.  The more you can provide quality, the more likely you will get orders for your product or service.

Hope you enjoyed this report and got value!!

To your success!

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Article: Facebook Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Make

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