LEARN TO EARN – Part Time Business in Network Marketing


Life is like a movie where you are the director, the actor – the hero and the villain, the script writer and the producer. Ikaw ang gagawa ng iyong sariling movie, kung paano ka mabuhay at kung anong maiiwan mong legacy sa mundo. This article is a short script that I compiled from interviews and I added some made up scenes to make it just as the other movies with “happy endings.” Some parts may have happened in the past and some part I just pulled out from thin air. Don’t bother trying to find if there is a real person behind. If in any event, your life seems look a like what I am going to tell, it’s not of any intent, as this is simply fictitious in nature.Rhodora is one of the many Pinoys working in Paris France. She is one that we can consider as a good wife and a responsible mother of two daughters. She works hard as a household helper as the most Pinoys here, and that does not bother her about this kind of job. It’s   A big blow in her life came when her husband found happiness in the arms of another woman. It’s not that she can not provide him happiness, but it is his desire to explore the other side of life other than being called a Christian. It was difficult at first, hindi niya malaman kung anong gagawin. She made a decision to na iuwi sa Pilipinas ang kaniyang dalawang anak upang siya ay makapagtrabaho. It was a big sacrifice for her to make pero dahil gusto niyang mabigyan sila ng better future, she has no choice kundi pansamantalang iwan sila sa Pinas.

Working full time, there is no way she can take part-time income. So she decided to start a part-time network marketing career. She uses her rest hours and during the evening to do the business. With the power of Internet, and of course, Facebook, she contacted her friends and relatives. Rather than simply chit-chatting and wasting her time, she made it more productive. She introduced to them how to become healthy and earn income at the same time by simply buying food supplements for their own consumption. Instead of purchasing the same competitor’s product over the counter at the local store, they now order and purchase the product directly to the company.

At first, the commissions and bonuses were barely $100 a month. As each month passed, word-of-mouth advertising drew more and more people. And as her commissions growing up, more and more people are getting interested to what she is promoting.  At the end of the one year, Rhoda was already earning an extra $250 a month.

The people whom she changed on their buying habit continue to promote the business and the products. By the end of two years, Rhoda’s bonus check exceeded $2,000 a month. Her earning from her part time business now exceeds her monthly salary from her full time job. But even though she is earning more from her part time business, she continues to work full time. She calls it “magic of part time” and made it as her marketing tool. She said that if she tells about her earning from her full time job, no one listens to her story. But if she talks about her earning on her part time business, everybody listens to her story.

After three years doing network marketing, she is now earning twice more than what she earns working fulltime job. She finally decided to quit her full time job. She decided to bring her children abroad with her. Now she’s got another marketing tool: getting paid by her part time network marketing business as a full time mother staying home with her kids. Her network marketing business covers all the bills and started setting aside 20% of her network marketing income monthly to build her UITF investments funds. Rather than living out all her network marketing income, she puts some part of it to work.

In the case study above, you see that you can use network marketing as a source of funds for your investment.

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