Forgive Them For They Do Not Know What They Are Doing.


“Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

These are the words uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ when he was crucified as recorded in the Bible. What can we learn from these very words that we could apply in our life and business?

  • Because of the lack of knowledge, the people behind the death of Jesus Christ don't know that they are persecuting a righteous man.

Because of the lack of knowledge, the people behind the death of  the Lord Jesus Christ don’t know that they are persecuting a righteous man. They are making actions without evaluating further.

So we can say that knowledge is important – knowledge that we apply so that we know what to do and what to say in every situation in our life and business.

  • No matter what the situation, there is always something good we can find

Although the Lord Jesus was put to death (a very bad situation), the redemption of his people was fulfilled (very good situation). So we can say that no matter what the situation in our life and business, there is always something good we can find even we are in a very bad situation. So rather than looking at the bad side of what had happen to our life and business, we have to look at the good side of what had happen.

Your life and business may suffering a setback right now, but try to find a good reason or two why it is happening to you and how can you make the best out of that situation. If you do, you were able to surmount the trials that might derail you from your momentum in reaching your goal in life and business.

Knowing what to do (the knowledge) is very important. Before we put our two feet in the business, we should know at least a bit of information how we start it. Then as we go along, we should add more knowledge by taking info from the experts in the field of our business.

If you are new to online business, you maybe experiencing setbacks. The reason maybe is that you are not yet equipped with knowledge in your marketing.

Most companies that you are using as your “financial vehicle” will tell you to lead with the company’s pay plan, lead with  their products. This is the reason why most people on Facebook are posting the same thing about their good is their company, the pay plan pays more in many levels and how magnificent is their product.

If the company, the pay plan or the products will bring you success, did you ever asked why only a few succeed in the business? You use the same information – website, brochures, online videos, PowerPoint presentations which are provided by the company. But why you don’t have the same results?

  • Think about this: if the information will work with our marketing, the company wouldn't need us. They already have information everywhere that will educate and inform everyone of us.

Obviously it is not information provided by the company that enable us to succeed in marketing our business. So what could be the factors that our prospects base their decision on?

  • Who presents the information
  • How the info is being presented

Gaining working knowledge on our personal development and on how we present our “financial vehicle” is very critical to our success. It is not about the company we represent, it’s not the pay plan of the company we represent and it’s not about the products of the company we represent. It is all about us!

Both of these factors are within our control. So which one are you working on now right now?

My biggest mistake when I started my online business is that I did not seek for the guidance of a coach. I failed miserably. I lost all my savings because “I do not know what I am doing.”

Don’t fall into the same mistake I made. I learned my lessons and used my failures to move ahead. And from the knowledge I learned and gained over time, I am happy to share it with you. You can access my coaching by joining me in a training community where we can learn together how to build our business into a cash machine that will allow us to earn extra income day in, day out.

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I'm looking forward to be working with you in your business!

God bless!

Jun Pasion
Faith, Family and Prosperity

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