My Journey To Financial Recovery – A Year After


One year ago today when I decided to take charge of my life – that it’s time do something to recover from my financial disaster. That was the day I chose to keep busy living, rather than to keep busy dying. I do remember it clearly because that was my birthday. That was the same day when I started writing my notes to make the blueprint that I will follow to my financial recovery.

I decided to publish my blueprint to show to myself that I am serious. I declared to everyone about my intention to fight back and bounce from the disaster I made. The book was published January 1, 2016. This itself is a success. You can check my book here

Today, I am writing this note to make a quick inventory of what has happened during the course of one year to invest again to the future for another year of my life.

As I discussed in my book, I followed the 10,10,10 and 70 formula where the first 10 is for my offerings, the second 10 is to pay off my debt, the third 10 is for my retirement fund and the 70 will be for our living expenses. I consolidated all my debts incurred into one account, I made a plan to pay it off in four years. And at that same duration, I made a goal to make myself a million (in peso currency) in my personal Retirement Fund to reward me. This may not be a substantial amount, but that would be a lot better than the past two years living in total misery. You can check out the progress of my Journey to a Million here:

The payback of my debt was already set at a certain amount deducted monthly for four years, but the deposits to my retirement fund will depend on how much I can earn extra from bonuses, income from services I provide and earnings from my part time network marketing business that I will add to that third 10th part. As of this writing, that retirement fund is a little short to P400K, which is much more than I expected. I foresee that by August (one year of the fund), it will reach half-way of the journey.

Now I have a better focus of my goal and enjoying much the journey. I continue to invest on myself to keep learning and improving to make out the best of me. Indeed, life is worthwhile if you learn, life is worthwhile if you try, life is worthwhile if you stay and life is worthwhile if you share.

I am so grateful, first to God. I was able to keep my faith in Him and continue to hold on to His promises.

I thank my parents who labored a lot for me. My father who did his best to raise our family; he was gone but never forgotten. He will always stay in my heart. To my mother who fifty years ago took all the pain to bring me out to this world; she deserves the best.

Great thanks to my family – my wife and loving children who always give me inspirations and reasons to move on and continue living. I can’t ask for more but to spend the rest of my life with them and if I can live few more years until I fulfill my big mouth promises.

Thanks to a handful of brethren from the INC locals here in France who are very supportive. To brother JC Bilbes for sparing few hours to read my book and provided some comments and inspirations.

To all of you my FB friends and business partners. Thank you so much for the nourishing words you provided, the business transactions we’ve made, the trust and support you continue to provide.

Fifty years is itself a success. And celebrating this special day, even through this note I made specially for you today, my heart goes with you. But the best, you will always be in my heart and you go with me along the way. May these words I impart have place in your heart as a nourishment.

And for my promise, I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me. Let’s cherish what’s left and enjoy the journey, much as the destination.

God bless!

Jun Pasion
10 June 2016


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