The Journey To Million Begins!


From my decision last June 2015 to take charge of my life, I started the accumulation of my investment fund. This fund is earmarked for retirement.

The first goal: To save one million peso in UITF until December 2017 by doing part time business.

I commit myself to pay me at least P250K a year. Breaking it down, I will in infuse paid in capital of more than P60K every three months.

I made my first paid-in capital yesterday, July 27, the amount of P30K. The investment: Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) that mimics the PSE Index. I decided to go with an Index Fund because the holding itself is already diversified. As I will be building this amount, regardless of the price is up or down in the market, I still have to infuse new funds. This will become a principle, a habit that I will be doing regularly. The amount doesn’t count, it’s the principle that counts. Keep the commitment to set aside an amount that will follow the “10-10-10-70 formula.”

As it was already paid first, I cannot make any withdrawals. From time to time, I will be posting updates about the developments of this project.

I want to take you with me on my journey! And I will tell you my story.

Enjoy the ride!


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