Journey To Million (One Million Pesos) – The Financial Recovery Project


The road to success is not easy, but I have to find a way. I will persist until I succeed! Setting the goal and following the 10-10-10-70 formula, I can now imagine the recovery from my financial problem.

This is a project I started last July 2015 in relation to my Financial Recovery. I am making some improvements on paying myself first. I’m almost on the target of P250K for the first year. Hopefully, by the second quarter of 2016, I’d be able to reach the target of P250K which is now only P40K away.

At the same time, I am paying the debts I picked up during my financial disaster. My goal’s deadline of repaying these debts is four years from June 2015.

Minimizing my expenses cannot be the way to solve my financial problem. After studying my financial flow, my current earnings cannot match my expenses. I should add more earning revenues. One of the source I am creating now is my Author-preneur Business – a self-publishing business. It’s not easy. I have to wake up 4:45 AM to do my writing. Now it’s a habit waking up 4:45 AM. The first result of this sacrifice, I was able to self-publish on Kindle my very first book, “On The Road To Financial Recovery.” I have to go back again with my studies for my Internet Marketing to create more sources of income.

In addition for a source of revenue, I am supporting my wife with her Network Marketing business. Working together can make magic; and what could be better if you are working together with your family.

A Journey to P1M is just a small project. But remember, it’s not the amount that counts, it’s the philosophy/principle that counts.

How I would love to receive encouragements during these lowly times. But it seems I only have myself to cheer me up. So I decided to post about the little successes I accomplish. You can find then it in the Journey To Million category.



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