After hitting a financial disaster, I started this project last June 2015 to recover back. The first participation purchased was on July 27, 2015. Two years or more of struggle is enough, I have to bounce back. So every month, I will try to put funds to my retirement fund portfolio of UITF invested in PSEI Index and make myself a millionaire in Philippine currency. This will be carried out at the same time paying my debts incurred during my financial disaster.  At my current earning capacity, I can commit P250K paid-in capital in a year. So most likely, this project will take 4 years assuming my portfolio will not incur gain/loss. In four years, all my debts will also be paid out.

Let’s see if I can create more income to infuse to this project to shorten the time of accumulating and building the first P1M worth of slaves to work for me. So what source would they come from? It could be by providing services (PC repairs, web design, etc.) during my free time. Also, from network marketing business that I do part time. From these, I will try to reach this objective in two years instead of four.

You can check out my JOURNEY TO A MILLION UPDATES from time to time regarding the development this project.

Retirement fund is a fund intended for the time in the future where one will not be able to work anymore. That means it’s the point where you have to live from the resources that you were able to build during the time you were still working. The amount you put in this fund is considered as expense, you cannot withdraw from it or spend it until you reach the retirement age.

Be self-sufficient, hindi dapat iasa sa ibang tao ang para sa iyong retirement fund. Kaya habang nagtatrabaho pa, simulan na ang magpalago ng iyong pondo.

“Just like a tree, wealth grows from a tiny seed.” Mas maagang magsimulang magtanim, mas malaki at matayog ang puno pagdating sa araw na pinakahihintay.


Enjoy the journey more than the destination. Sa maliit na halagang naipapasok na paunti-unti sa fund na ito, nakakapagbigay ito ng kasiyahan. Saving an amount is a great struggle between your urge to spend the money to pay other people or keep it aside to pay yourself. So bawat pagkakataon na makapag-save ka, it’s already a success; napagtagumpayan mo ang iyong sarili. With little success accumulated, you will achieve the goal.

Would you not be interested to get started as well? If you’d be interested, I can share you info about what I am doing for my recovery and for the building of my retirement fund.

Here’s to our success!