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Last week, I started building my Mailing List. I tried GetResponse but I don’t find it easy to use. So I came back using Aweber. I used Aweber some time back when I began learning Online Marketing. Now that I am serious to get both of my feet with Online Marketing, I need a powerful and reliable mailing service.

There is a saying that “Money is on the mailing list!” But for now, I will use my mailing list to provide quality value. I would like to share the positive results I’m having about my goal to reach one million peso this year. I want to inspire other people to go for their goals as well.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

That is such a nice quotation. To provide value, I should be aspire to provide something that can solve other people’s problem. I should establish myself as someone people can trust and rely on to.

Start Your Free Trial Today
Start Your Free Trial Today

And what could be more valuable than providing information that can solve people’s problem about money? That’s right, you may not like money. You may have hated it like a worm. But then, I know that you like what money can buy – food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other good stuff.

Looking forward to providing you with valuable contents using my Mailing List.

God bless!

Jun Pasion

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