What Are Your Three Main Financial Goals For This Year?

Here’s a common response that I receive from some people who have dreams, but don’t want to do anything to achieve what they really want in life. They want to become a millionaire; they want to buy their own house or apartment; or they want to buy their new car; etc.

Knowing that they have their most dreams and desires, I ask them if they would be willing to start a part time business to fulfill their dreams. It’s pretty obvious that it would be very difficult, or not even possible to fulfill those dreams from their full time job. If they could, then those dreams should have manifested already in their lives. But rather than receiving a positive response, here’s the very common response that people will tell:

“I cannot make a decision right now. I have to think it over.”

But then, that person doesn’t realize that he already made a decision. That person made a decision to stay where he is, to keep his life the same as he is right now.

I myself was in that same scenario. But now that I am in my fifties, I don’t have much choice but to make the best of my remaining years. I will be bolder in moving forward to the attainment of my dreams. I only have one life to live and I need to prove that there is something that I can do that can make a difference and will leave a good memory to be remembered that there was once lived a “Jun Pasion“, that’s me, in this world.

For my biggest goals this year:

  • I want to save my first million (in terms Philippine peso) in my investment fund,
  • Buy my own apartment
  • And also to buy a nicer car.

I decided to do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. It’s better to set something of a goal and try the best I can to achieve them than not trying at all.

In life, we either make a decision to move forward, or we make a decision to stay where we are. That’s a matter of choice.  And what separates us from our dreams is the “action” we do every day that will make us closer to the realization of our dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Decide NOW and get started!

If you would like the solution that I am offering, I’d be ready to help and guide you along to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Here’s to your success!
Jun Pasion


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