Making Audit Of The Past Year and Investing It For 2016


Another weekend has gone and I had a very little time to work on writing articles and my next book. I had planned during the week that I will be spending most of the weekend for writing. I ended up the opposite, I was not able to do any planned activity except reading a book.

But instead of ruining the unplanned activities of the weekend, every time I get a break, I took notes and made audit on my results of the last year. And to be able to do my writing, I started again working very early in the morning. From 5:00 am, I will write for blog posts and and for my next book. By 7:00 am, I make myself ready for my full time job. Working very early in the morning is really the most productive time for me.  There’s very little distraction.

Writing my way to success

It was during the middle of the year when I made few changes. So most of the results that I want to see were the accomplishments during that last half of the year. What have I done with my quest to recovery from my financial disaster? Where am I now? What needs to improve? These, we’ll discuss in here.

June 10, 2015 to be exact, was the day I decided to make my life turn around. The means that I will be doing is to to write articles for my blog. I am not a good writer, that one I know very well, so keep on writing is the only way for me to practice. I also know that blogging takes a long time before one can earn any income. But since I need to divert the frustrations in my mind, writing what’s inside of me will ease the pain. Besides, I’d be my publisher so no one will reject my writings. I can write what I want, I can publish what I want. Yes, that was before. I used to write only for me, but now, I start writing more for the readers hoping I can help someone out there who has the same problem as me.

Writing will now be my major activity. I will keep on writing and writing to improve myself. It has now became a passion. Most of my worries and anxieties were greatly reduced because of writing.  I am now writing my way to success!

Accomplishments from last year

One of the biggest accomplishments that I consider is the publication of my first book on Kindle. On December 31, 2015, I was able to publish and made available for download on Kindle. It’s not free by the way. It will cost you a ton of money! Just kidding! It will cost you only a one cup of coffee; actually, a cup of coffee from Starbucks is far more expensive than the price Kindle has put on my book. The book “On the Way to Financial Recovery” is my blueprint, my written plan. I wrote that book the things I should do to make a turn. The good thing with publishing on Kindle is that I can make corrections and updates every time I see wrong spellings and grammars. You see, I am reading my own book! I actually bought a copy of it because I have confidence on the quality of it’s content. If I don’t be buying it myself, how can I endorse it to anyone?

Aside from book writing, I write articles for my blog. Although my postings last year were not regular, I was able to bring my website’s Alexa ranking to 350,000. That’s more than my goal of 500,000 ranking for the end of 2015. This year, I have to make this website go as low as 200,000 ranking. The only way to accomplish that goal is to publish regularly some quality contents. This will require at least two to three articles to submit each week. As I said, this website is not yet generating any income. I know it will take some more time before I will reap the fruits of my planting.

Paying back my debts

If you were able to read my book, you will know that I am following the 10,10,10 and 70 formula for my finances. It is working effectively. With this formula, I can prepare ahead my budget for my offerings for the service to God using the first ten. I payout a part of my debts using the second ten, slowly reducing the amount I owe. I am also slowly accumulating my emergency fund using the third ten. The last problem that I am trying to solve now is the deficit so that I can at least break even with my expenses. The 70 is not enough to cover my monthly expenses. I have to find ways to cover that up. By the time I earn more than I spend, I can increase the amount in paying back my debts.

These successes may not really big and significant but it is giving me satisfaction. However small they were, I can see that my efforts are paying off. It gives me motivation to keep moving forward and make a better plan for this year.

Plan for this year

After making adjustments with my expenses, the last resort to solve the deficit is to trade time for money. Unfortunately, I only have 24 hours a day just like you.  As I said in my book, I will provide services for web design. I love doing this, and since I am already doing it, why not provide it as a service? Building my portfolio is the most urgent activity that I will be doing this month of January. So for this month, I will be writing articles mostly about web design. I will try to write at least 1,000 words per article for my blog. Then, by the end of the month, I will compile these articles into a book and publish it on Kindle. This second book will provide me the credentials and authority in web design business. I think that a book regarding my expertise is far better to hand out than my business card.

I decided to break the goals into smaller ones and to accomplish them on a monthly basis. Here is the list of activities that I will be doing:

  • Publish two to three articles for my blog every week (8-12 articles a month)
  • Publish one non-fiction book every month (12 books in one year)
  • Publish one fiction book every three months (4 books in one year)
  • Provide web design service to local businesses
  • Build my mailing list to reach 500 subscribers

This list will surely make me very busy. That would be very good; being busy keeps the worries away!

Wherever you are, be there

My time will be divided accordingly and I will make sure that I am following it. For my writing activities, I will do it every morning at 5am to 7am. For my full time job, my schedule is at 8am to 6pm. For my web design service, my schedule is at 7pm to 9pm. During the evening, I know that there are other activities that I have to fulfill.  I have to make sure that I am working the web design jobs I accept and meet my deadlines.

During the weekends, I really find it difficult to do some works. To make the best of it, I will use it for meeting other people. I also have to read a book or two during the weekend. I have to improve works by learning and gathering more ideas.

I also have to make sure that I will only be doing an activity during its scheduled time. That way, I will be able to make a habit doing these activities.

That’s it for the moment. Let’s make this year the best ever!

Jun Pasion

Making Audit Of The Past Year and Investing it for 2016

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