Making Audits of The Past Year To Invest It In This Year 2017

It was two years ago today when I decided to take charge of my life. Everything changed since that time. Slowly, everything is falling back into their right places after watching them fall apart.

Today, is my birthday. I’m very grateful to God that I am still here. Again, just like last year, I have to evaluate what was done and what to improve this coming year.

I spent my birthday with few friends in our new rented apartment. Yes, we moved just last week of May; from a studio in Paris to a bigger apartment in Clichy, France.

This may not be significant, but this is a realization of a small vision. Last December, I told my wife that we should be moving to a bigger place to start living a better lifestyle. I have to convince her that we can do much better if we will be in a bigger place.

I visited many apartments outside Paris. I looked in Bezons, Nanterre, Colombes, Puteaux and Saint-Cloud. It’s very difficult to find one that will go with our budget. Lastly, I visited an apartment in Asnieres. It was not approved by the admins of the agency, but we were offered a bigger one in Clichy with the same rent.

This decision will be a great investment for this year for my financial recovery (June 2017 to June 2018).

First things first

Knowing my priorities will make my life worthwhile. So to understand, I share here’s my focus:

  • FAITH – My service to God comes first before anything. With less responsibilities now in the Church, I have to find another project to spend my time with.
  • FAMILY – My family comes next to God. This is the reason why I am doing my very best to recover from my past mistakes. After seeing the damages from my mistakes, I am resolve to commit this as the most important goal after God. Other goals will be secondary. I will spend more time with my family. We plan for more activities that will make our bonds together be stronger than ever.
  • PROSPERITY – My health will be very important as well. I will do my very best to keep my body physically strong, and my mind to be mentally healthy. Being healthy means I can work with things that will allow me to claim my prosperity.

My purpose by now is Faith, Family and Prosperity. Seek first the kingdom, everything will be added – including a happy family to enjoy the prosperity.

Financial well-being will come along if I will concentrate my efforts with these three priorities. And for this year, I am resolve to hit one million peso savings that will go to our retirement fund. I will hit my target of my first million in our retirement fund most likely this August 2o17. I prepared already the blueprint how I will hit that one million peso in one year.

The S.M.A.R.T goal

S.M.A.R.T. means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive.

I really like this acronym, because I want to be smart when setting my goals. I want to intelligently decide what my goal will be so that I can achieve it.

Specific means I know exactly what I am shooting for, and that is P1M.

Measurable means that I can monitor if I am advancing and by how much.

Attainable means that the amount set can be achieved. Some people are earning that amount in a year so it’s possible that I can make it one year.

Realistic means I can grasp that I can make it real happening in my life.

Time based means that I have to attach a time frame when I will achieve my goal. So I will start the project on August 31, 2017 to August 31, 2018.

Leveraging other people’s products and services

The final target of my business is to provide my own info products to help other people to solve their problems. But along the way, there is a possibility to earn while learning the process and while I am still creating my own products. I can leverage other people’s products and services. I can promote as an affiliate the tools that I am already using with my internet marketing business.

I always believe that learning comes first before earning. That is why I do my training to gain knowledge specific to my business. I continue to improve my internet presence and my branding because of the learning and training I do. I recommend Unity Network as a good source of training for your online business. You can join the community by purchasing a lifetime members for only P2,990. This is a great investment to the special knowledge I need for my online marketing business. And you can earn as you learn. You gain knowledge from the weekly webinars and earn if you promote this community to other people.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. I paid too much during my learning process. It’s better to be paying P2,990 and learn the correct knowledge right at the beginning than losing a lot of money before you realize the importance of correct training.

Unity Network affiliation program will be one of the catalysts for my financial vehicle to achieve one million in one year. I mentioned here specially the Unity Network because they have what is called “Matching Million.” If you earn one million peso with the Ascending Profit System, the company will double your one million. It only means that my effort will be doubled by Unity Network if I will hit one million with their affiliate program.

My full time job covers our monthly expenses, so any earnings coming from my part time online business will go to my investment fund. I call this “Magic of Part Time” where I am working full time for my living, and working part time on my business for my fortune.

Click the button below to join my team with Unity Network to get access with my personal coaching to you to reach your goal to become a millionaire:


Here’s to your success!


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