No Parking, Patience Required


Living in a city where parking is limited, it is a struggle to park your car. This weekend, as we came back from the church, I dropped my family in front of our building. With so many restaurants near our place, patience is required.

I made my first turn around the block, a car ahead of me is just about to park. I missed the spot in just a minute late!
I took the other street, the same thing happened. Another man had just parked his car. I was late maybe about two minutes late!

I took again the first route and it was the same thing! I am now getting frustrated. After taking five turns, at last I was able to park my car. But not near our place, I have to walk about five minutes. On my way to our building, just right on our back door, there was available space long enough for two cars. I said to myself, the gods made fun of me.

The Law of Attraction

Every time we look for parking, me and my kids are always requesting that the universe will align for us to find parking quickly. It is very effective actually. Most of the time, we find quickly an available parking space. Sometimes, we get a perfect alignment; those were the times when a car is just about to leave. We don’t understand how this magic works for this kind of request, it’s just that it really works.

Depends on your Attitude

For this time, it’s one of those days that as if somebody is playing out of me, to annoy me and make me run out of patience. And I did run out of patience. But then, I was able to reverse the situation quickly inside of my mind.

Okay, you have a not-so-good day this time, but what if those people have been circling the area five times just like me? What if a more powerful energy allowed that I’ll find a parking a bit farther so that I’m forced to make a little exercise? What if that alignment is the best one for me?

Lesson in life

Besides those questions that came to my mind to reverse the situation, I actually realized that there was a message being passed on to me. I was reminded that I need to hustle more than the average people to get what I want. Like a professional baseball player, he has his batting average; a basketball player has his shooting average. That means, I have to hustle more than other people to get the same thing. A great example is with book publishing. Some authors get sales of their books like giving away a bottle of Coke during a hot summer day, while I have to dig deep to make a sale. Knowing that I have to run an extra mile, I don’t have to be bothered. I know I will get what is mine; it’s just that I have to do more than the majority. I have to work more than the majority. I have to spend more time to get the same thing than the majority.

Life is a great challenge. Sometimes it takes time before we learn from it. We did not come out with an instruction manual. Most of the time, we learn the hard way. We are always presented with different choices, most of the times they are not the best. But out of the many, we sometimes take one choice that offsets all those bad ones.

Life is a journey, we have to enjoy the ride. Death is the destination, not unless my provider take me, I’m not in a hurry to reach the end of my journey.

Until next…

jun pasion

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