The Power of Belief That You Can Do Anything

It was just last week when the recent shooting in Paris took place. Again, we are saddened with terror over the loss and hurting “innocent” lives. Just a short look back, there was the Bataclan incident where people watching the concert were sprayed with bullets. Further back, we remember Charlie Hebdo.

We may think that we are living in a dangerous city and time, but if we look further, this kind of happening has been around ever since. And with the advancement of technology, news of such bad events will take only few minutes to propagate around news broadcasts and social media.

The Belief System

But what’s the cause for people – good or bad – to do such “evil” acts? From the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” where Two Gun Crowley, Al Capone and Dutch Schultz were mentioned, they thought of themselves as people doing good service while other people consider and view them as notorious and menace to the society.

We can then say that people are acting on what we call “Belief System” and all of us creation have the capacity to decide what to do and believe that it’s the right thing that we are doing, regardless if it is good or bad to others.

The good and evil are two powers residing inside of us. They are always vying each other to have rule over the other. Sad to say, it’s the evil thought who wins most of the time. And the evil thing gets more popularity than the good thing. Why? Because nobody will talk much about a good thing you and I have done. And if there is something bad you and I did, it will be the talk of the town. That is why doing evil in the open streets is a good way to be heard and be known about what we want to express to the world. And at least for a short moment of time, our grievances will get noticed even at the cost of our own life.

Our circumstances do not dictate our future, it is always a matter of our choice between good and evil that brings us to a situation. If our influence is so great on the bad side or fooled by deceitful people, our belief turns into play even accepting a bad act will be the best choice. Our mind will be lead to believe that what we are doing is good, regardless if it is really good or bad.

Belief Forced by Deception

Deception has been around since the time of the first man and woman.  Eve and Adam were fooled by the devil to eat from the forbidden tree. But as a child, I am more fascinated with the story of Samson. This story created me a hero that I would love to emulate regardless of the tragic end. Samson was deceived by his wife and he was given to the enemy. His enemy took out his eyes and made him blind. He was then put into prison.

In one event where the rulers of Philistines are feasting, they requested Samson to be brought out from prison to entertain them. At that moment, he asked for strength so that even for the last time, he can redeem his lost glory. And with the last blow of his strength, he brought down the temple and people therein died with him. It might be a terrible act if it was be done during our time, but for Samson, his belief led him to believe that it is the best he can do for his life.

Compelled to do evil things because of mistreatment

As a young boy, David is a good shepherd. When he visited his brothers in the frontline, he saw how the giant Goliath mocked his people. David was fed up and cannot bear what Goliath has been doing. This has made his belief that the only way to stop this mockery is to kill Goliath by himself.

David did not look at how young or how little he is against Goliath. It is his belief that carries him the strength to conquer the giant enemy. He was able to gather the strength he needs to kill the giant Goliath and his head was cut using his own weapon.

People will temp you to do evil

The story of David is yet another good demonstration that you should not temp anyone to do you something horrible. As much as we long for approval, we hate condemnation very much. So never look at one person to be frail, sickly or whatever reason that you do something to destroy the most important things in their lives. There is always a devil force inside of each man that no matter how the obstacles, it can be as destructive as Samson’s.

In the movie Money Monster with George Clooney and Jack O’Connel, you can get some idea how simple it is to carry out a plan to destroy a person who did you evil. And since only the innocent blood can redeem an evil deed done to you, you can wipe the whole family in one sweep, just as my hero Samson did.

The man’s mind

The mind has a built-in mechanism that is programmed to protect and keep you alive. You may have heard of a mother saving her children in a burning house. You may have heard of a sickly man being able to jump two floors to save himself from the fire. It’s our instinct for survival, to keep us alive and to save lives. This is what we call the “fight-or-flight” response that occurs when we perceive a threat of dying or being hurt. This good power is within us ready to be summoned at a correct moment. We can do mighty things just to keep us alive.

On the bad side, the man’s mind is a terrible stuff to manage. The sub-conscious mind doesn’t process any thoughts. It takes all things you feed in it as food – either good or evil. It does not differentiate any data at all. It will stock all the stuff in your head ready for mining.  The thought is deadly. If you are in a situation that you remember something that has hurt you in the past, the mind will feed you all the data that had hurt you regardless it is relevant or irrelevant to the current issue. And once your consciousness was overtaken by the pain you’ve suffered and cannot control anymore, that is then when the force of doing evil comes to play. A power will explode that you can do anything where you will lead to believe that everything you do is justified.

In every journey, there are two ends – the good and the bad. Whichever direction has the stronger pull wins. For me, I have to provide some reasons to alter my direction to do the good, rather than going to the bad end which has the stronger pull. But then, only time will tell. And whichever way I choice, my mind is set to believe that my choice will always be the best for me.


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