Can a New President Change Your Financial Situation?

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The Presidential Election is getting near. It created big noise already on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Supporters debating each other, taking stand for their favored candidates and hoping that the next president will be the one they are in favored with. Indeed, most Filipinos hope for a change; a change that will improve the country’s economic and political condition.

They hope that for the next term, a new president will bring change for the better. They would like to have a President who is against those corrupt public officials. Everybody wants a president who will bring reforms and changes for better lives for the Filipino people. And, as the people hope for change, the presidential aspirants give them what they want – promise for a change. Voters hold on to these promises with the faith that their chosen president will remain true to their promises.

But, can a change of a president make a change to one’s life? Do you think he or she can bring a change to the economy and Filipino people? Do you think the change of President can bring changes to your financial status?

The candidates have above average intellect and seasoned in country’s politics. They have impressive educational background and know a lot about economy. Some candidates are facing controversies and issues; but despite of that, they all have very good platforms for their campaigns. Mar Roxas is planning to continue the projects of “daang matuwid”, Mar Binay promises to boost the economy, Rodrigo Duterte will fight against crimes and corrupt politicians, Grace Poe wants to defend human rights and Miriam Defensor Santiago aims for a more prosperous country. We see that their proposed projects are all beneficial and revolutionary for the country and to its people. They have attractive promises, stand for different legislation and promise various strategies in making the country free from malevolent force of corruption, poverty and crimes.

If the next president will focus more on the country’s economy, he or she will likely make positive changes over the country’s economic condition. This can bring change on the economy. Filipino people will see the booming economy through the developments of new facilities and infrastructures.

If the new Philippine President could be able to clean the government from corrupt politician and individuals and put them behind bars, the economy will raise high, lessened poverty and crime rate.

Most people believe that the changes on their lives rely upon who will be the next president. On the other hand, minority believe that changes start on themselves regardless who the next president will be. This minority believes that it depends on the person to trigger the change and achieve their sought-after goals. Making positive changes happen to each person; it has nothing to do who will be the next president.

For me, whoever the next president, the change will mainly depend on me. It’s up to me to change towards the direction I choose. It’s not who the president is, it’s not the economy, it’s not the political change.

Henry Sy and the other Pinoy billionaires did not became rich because of the change of president or political party. Although the new president will be able to sky rocket the economy, for sure a Filipino will not experience any financial improvements in the personal level. Even if the prices of the basic commodities will decrease to a remarkable level, things will never change to their lives. As long as a person will never change, there will never be any change in his life.

But for the best of the country, let’s hope that the new president will become deserving with the trust of his or her countrymen and do everything to fulfill all his or her duty with honesty, enthusiasm, nationalism, sincerity, love, thoughtfulness and goodness. And for our part, we’ll make our best to improve ourselves using the resources we have – becoming better is the best contribution we can make to our country.

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