Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Now that you have your blog up and running, let’s take a look how can we drive traffic coming in. Your blog cannot succeed with its purpose if you cannot drive traffic coming to it.

Of all social media network, I prefer working on Facebook than any other. Facebook has a billion users. It is a good place to create social connections. You have to invest your valuable time & resources on developing social media campaigns on Facebook because it is a platform where you can get engaged with real people and talk to them. You can surround yourself with qualified prospects and thus generate enormous traffic towards your website and blog that showcase your products or services that solve their problems. You have to find ways how to find your targeted audience. By utilizing that information, you can solidify brand messaging and improve the conversions drastically. I am fully convinced that Facebook is the top social media networks I choose for my marketing campaigns.

Undoubtedly, it is vibrant, crammed with features and tools to deliver a strong business message to larger audience. You can generate high level of engagement; utilize fan pages, paid ads and even viral effect on your posts if executed just perfectly. It is ideal for all kinds of businesses.

How to Generate Traffic through Social Media Channels?

In order to succeed, it is essential to build a super strong social media presence so that your business can get visibility that it needs. Choose optimal networks to get started and you will witness a good social media engagement. Get connected with people if you want them to follow you. It is also crucial that you talk with them consistently. Understanding their demographic, preferences, browsing and interest patterns can work wonders for you.

Build Your Own Community

Online community can add value to your content marketing and distribution efforts. Chances are that small amount of your followers can convert but needs a powerful plan for distribution. That is why increasing your fans and followers can be of utmost advantage when it comes to generating traffic and sales. Increasing fans and followers does not mean to buy them, instead make sure to get them organically. Only organic followers can engage and reply to your posts consistently. Referral traffic can bring over 30 to 40% shares in overall traffic to your blog or website.

Post Valuable but Entertaining Content

Content marketing through social media can yield great results. Post all kinds of content i.e. videos, images, text and links to provide actual value to your audiences. Your business could have different kinds of customers from different backgrounds. Some may like text based content while some could get engaged via videos. It is not only about posting business content or sale presses, but instead you need to develop a special relationship with them. You can do that by posting some other interesting things, apart from your business. Act like their friends to let them connected emotionally with you. Do not shy in sharing posts from other people in your community.

Now that you know that Facebook is a good place to get traffic to your website, start making connections, socialize and provide value. You can provide free contents like your blog articles, your free Ebooks, free videos and other things that can create value to your blog visitors. Once you have established the connections, they will follow you as an authority that they can ask for more about your products and services you provide.

Let’s socialize!

Here’s to your success!

Jun Pasion

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