The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Here’s a story that I love listening. We can learn from this story that a man has to do something in his own before he can receive the blessings from God. I’m sharing it here:

We all take part in the scene

“A man took up a rock pile, worked hard day and night. And in two years, it turned it into a fabulous garden.

Then one Sunday morning, a preacher was slowly driving by the beautiful farm. He is enjoying the view of the fields with beautifully cultivated and abundant with well-cared-for crops. The fences, house, and barn were clean, and neatly painted. A row of fine trees led from the road to the house, where there were shaded lawns and flower beds. It was indeed, a beautiful sight to behold.

When the man who was working in the field got to the end of a row near the road, the preacher stopped his car and hailed him: “Good morning, sir!  What a beautiful day to serve the Lord!  He has blessed you with a beautiful farm, a great reason to praise and be thankful.”

The farmer stopped and thought for a moment. Then he replied, “Yes, sir, He has, and I’m grateful. But you should have seen this place when He had it all by Himself.”

The owner of the fabulous garden understood that he had been blessed with a fine farm; but he was also aware that it was his own love and labor that had brought this farm to its present state. He did his part by sowing and reaping the seeds he planted in the soil, and God did his part by letting the seeds grow and by providing the air and sunlight.

Yes, we all take part. We plant the tiny seed, God will grow it into a tree. That is one of the mysteries in life.

Planting more good seeds than the bad seeds

Just as the man in the story is enjoying the fruits of his labor in the past, what I have now are the results of my planting in the past. I am now reaping what I have planted. I have to acknowledge that it was my own doing that has brought me here. And I have to be grateful of whatever the results.

And right now, I also keep on planting the good seeds for the future harvest. I have to make sure that I will be planting more good seeds than the bad seeds. There’s a verse in the Bible that we always receive tenfold of what we do – good or bad will be paid off. That is why if I want to reap more good fruits than bad fruits, I have to plant more good seeds.

Also, I have to be cognizant that sometimes God sends rain the day before you reap, washing it all out to ruin. But I should always be grateful, whether I reap the whirlwind or reap in abundance.

I also understand that even if I may have done the best in planting the good seeds, but evil people can destroy or even take away the good things I planted. They can wreck havoc to my planting. It happened to me. My 25 years of hard labor building the most important to me was destroyed. Of course now, I understood that like all good things, after having planted, I have to nurture, protect, fight and die for it. I have learned that hard lesson. That is why I am now ready to lay down my life and die for the good seeds that I am planting. This year 2017 is another start of replanting and rebuilding my life, for the past was gone and destroyed. I will rebuild a strong fortress that will bring a better life for me. That’s the way it is, there should be no reason to stop planting the good seeds. As long as there is life, I will make the most of it to do what I think is best for me and for the other people I care.

And there’s always two choices to take. I just hope that the thing that I wanted to do the most will not be the choice that I will take. Of course, only time will tell…and may God lead me to the better path, not my own.

Here’s to your life’s success!


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Article: The Law of Sowing and Reaping

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