The Story Of A Man and His Garden


The Story Of A Man and His Garden

I love listening stories; and I wish I could become a good story teller myself one day!

Below is a story that I’ve heard while going over the audio record of Earl Nightingale.  The same story that Jim Rohn tells during his speeches.
Here it goes:

A man took up a piece of land full of bushes and weeds.  He worked hard day and night cleaning the field. In two years, his efforts paid out and he was able to turn the it into a fabulous garden.

One Sunday morning, a preacher was driving by the beautiful farm. He is enjoying the view of the field with beautiful flowers, lined trees bearing fruits. The fences, house, and barn were clean, and neatly painted. It was a beauty to behold.

When the farmer who was working in the field got to the end of a row near the road, the preacher stopped his car and greeted him: “Good morning, sir!  What a beautiful day to serve the Lord!  He has blessed you with a beautiful farm. That alone is a great reason to praise the Lord.”

The farmer stopped and thought for a moment. Then he replied, “Yes, sir, He has, and I’m grateful.  But you should have seen this place few years ago when God had it all by Himself.”

The farmer understood that the Lord has provided him the soil, the air, the rain and sunlight. And he also understood that to have this fabulous garden, his hard work is required. He planted the seed and God let the seed grow into a tree.

Each one played each part; the man planted the seed and God made it grow. So if you want your garden to be fabulous, you have to do your part.  Sure enough, God will do his part – it’s always that way.

The Story Of A Man and His Garden

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