Strive For Time Freedom and Financial Freedom


Today, I missed one opportunity that I considered one of the important aspects of my life. I missed it for one reason – I don’t have the ability to own my time. That’s right, time freedom. I don’t want that this will happen again, so I am going to do something to master my time. I want to have the freedom to spend it to whatever I deem important
and share to people important to me.

Time freedom comes along with financial freedom. This is the point where one earns income from his investment that can support the lifestyle of his choice. He has the choice to work or not to work, as it is now his money or investments that is working for him. He can spend his time to any worthy endeavors that he pleases.

Time is the most important asset we have at our own disposition. Time passed will never be recovered. We all have 24 hours a day equally. It’s what we do with that time that makes great difference. We can use time to our advantage. In building wealth to attain financial freedom, the little things we do now brings forth great achievements or great disasters in the future. So we make sure that what we do now is an investment as they will return to us in great amounts.

As long as we work for someone else, we are not in control of our time. If we are working for someone else right now, we can do something that will bring change our situation in the future. We can look for extra opportunity using the available time we have, say for example, during evenings and weekends.

For me, I found that Network Marketing has been one of the most effective way to earning extra income. Using a small amount of investment and a productive use of your available time, you can achieve financial freedom.

With a modest goal of $200 extra income a month from Network Marketing, you will be rewarded greatly if you make time as your ally. From that extra income, a $200 invested monthly can grow to $1.2M in 30 years assuming an annual interest of 15%. That’s the magic of compounding at work.

The difference, indeed, lies on to our decision to take that little change to reach that time freedom that we are striving for.


Jun Pasion

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