Swedish Affairs in Paris

Walking along Champs Elysee today, I saw a great number of people in yellow shirts walking along in groups and some sat in restaurants, chanting and singing. They were Swedes who were here to support their football team.

I asked myself, how could this be possible? They were chanting here enjoying their lives; while here i am working hard for my living.

How good it is to always follow your favorite sport and favorite team. And how good it will be if you can do it any time of the year, any where in the world! You own your time doing the things you love without any worry about a job to get money to buy food in the table.

My mind wandered to many possibilities how they can do such thing year in year out. If I can figure out the right solution, I may as well buy myself the luxury even for a diner in Hard Rock Cafe and enjoy the wide-screen watching the football match.

Could it be that these people inherited fortune from their parents that they don’t have to work? Could it be that they have business and allowed other people run their business at their instead? Could it be that they received allowance from their government that collects taxes from the rich who work hard and dispose it equally to the less fortunate so that they can enjoy the privilege to travel and watch their team? Or they could be the same like me who simply took some days off just to support their team?

But whatever their reason would be, that does not matter to me. For as far as I am concern, to achieve freedom out of my day to day job is for me to create a source of income that could fulfill or satisfy the lifestyle I choose to live. That should be a good goal or purpose for one person to desire for his own life.

I still look forward to reach that day, if not achieved before my retirement, at the least I am preparing a source of income for the time I’d be out of the workforce.

Keep planting the seed, time will pass anyway.


Jun Pasion

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