One Up On Wall Street!

I remember this first book I bought to learn from the investing guru Peter Lynch.  I have learned that 20% annual growth (that’s 15% compounded annually) is a good result for an investment portfolio.  With that result, you can be one up on most of the professional fund managers who are in the field of investing.

I did not take heed of that advice.  I cashed out my stocks and tried those online opportunities promising 1-3% daily gains or the recent trend of 30% gain a month while doing nothing.  I failed miserably! I learned a hard lesson.

Unless you are Bill Gates who put all his eggs in one basket, that is Microsoft, it’s difficult to get 20% annual growth. More so, with 30% monthly! If a program offers such earnings, that means that the managers are more capable than the likes of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and other investing gurus out there in the market.

Now, while improving my skills for my current job, I invest little by little on a monthly basis in stocks through Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) and Mutual Funds (MF).  With this two kinds of investments, I can concentrate with my current activities and make my little savings to work for me.

Patience is a virtue.  Your earning capabilities will always catch up with your knowledge and skills of the fields that you chose to pursue.

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