My Will of Fire – Living in a New Home


It’s 2:00 pm, the heat of the sun is touching my skin, and its warmth made me awake. I realized I fell into a good short sleep. An hour ago, I came back home from playing tennis, drive my car to the park under the building and take the elevator up to the first floor. I went in and nobody home. I smell the sweet lavender fragrance coming from a lit candle. I open the fridge and pick up a cold bottle of Perrier. I go straight to the terrace and sit in a blue beach chair in our terrace. The terrace is surrounded with Geranium plants bearing red flowers and a fortune tree with dark green leaves in the corner. Today is a perfect weekend retreat, and it is the very first day we live in our newly bought apartment. I lay my back on the chair to relax, then close my eyes.

The delicious smell of barbecue coming out from the kitchen makes my stomach crave for food. I feel hungry. I get up and go inside, passing the living room. The wide-screen TV is on, the volume is just enough to hear one of my favorite songs “Patience” being played by Guns ‘n Roses. I sat in the kitchen bar, watching my wife grilling barbecue with smile. At the table, a bowl of vegetable salad, a basket of fresh fruits and a plate of my favorite smoked salmon with sliced yellow lemon on the side.

She says, “Are you hungry now, my dear?”

I reply with a smile, “I can wait, darling. Where are the kids?”

“They are in their rooms, busy and excited arranging their things. They’ve never been so happy than today.” she replies.

I stand up, open the fridge and get a bottle of Evian. Walking to the bookshelf, pick up a thin book with reddish color like a photo of an old city taken during the setting of the sun. I set in the leather couch then I whisper to myself with a smile, “This could not be done if I did not read this book.”
I lie straight and put the book in my lap staring at the book title “The Richest Man in Babylon.”

“A table!” my wife announced.

I stand up and get back to the kitchen bar; the kids come out of their room. We sit together around with delicious foods at the table.
“So how do you feel living in our new home?” I ask.

“It’s a great feeling, I can’t explain how does it feel.” says Cyrus.

“Thank you, papa and mama, you are indeed great parents.” says Charlotte.

My wife says, “Let’s pray then, and give thanks to the Lord!”

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