You Can’t Time The Market – Invest Regularly

Ang 10 year movement ng Philippine Stock Exchange Index ang maganda pagbasehan if you are a “long” investor who is waiting for the history to repeat itself. One scenario is that kung mayaman ka na noong 2009 at nag-invest ng one-time, you have tripled your money. That’s right, you gained 300% in 8 years.

Pero kung nagi-ipon ka pa lang every month from 2009, the result will be completely different. This is the second scenario, it is here that I am most fitted. Since I am still in the accumulation phase, I save and invest regulary from my full time job and part time online business.

Kaya tayong wala pang malaking asset, ipon-ipon lang muna buwan-buwan sa Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) na naka-base sa PSE Index. Invest regularly, gawing buwan-buwan kung makakaya mong makapag-save mula sa iyong kinikita sa lahat ng sources of income. Don’t look at the market history, look at your own results. It’s better to monitor kung naaabot mo ang “goal” mo, hindi ang short term results.

If you are investing regularly regardless of the price, you are doing cost-averaging. That means you will always beat the market results. iyan po ang tinatawag nilang cost-averaging.

Put money in your investment that you don’t need in the short term. Better if you have no intention to take it out 10-15 years from now. this is called paying yourself first.

My first goal when I started with UITF fund ko is to save P1M in two and a half years (until December 2017), that was done this month. The next goal is to invest P1M from August 31, 2017 until August 31, 2018.This is why, I’m setting a new plan to hit the goal.

Create a plan, implement then adjust if required. Don’t change your goal and the time, change your pace.

That’s my strategy. Only time will tell. Keep investing little by little, time will pass anyway. And time will work on your side.

As always, learn to earn first, then learn to save, and finally, learn to make your money work.

Need coaching, I can be of help. Let’s build your part time online business, and from that part time business comes extra income that you can put in your investments.

Be inspire to become a millionaire. Don’t settle for less.

Here’s to your success!

Jun Pasion
Part Time Online Entrepreneur and Coach

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